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Wakeeney Mini Speedway Rules & Regulations
Copyright @ 2015 Wakeeney Mini Speedway All Rights Reserved

1) Pits open at 4:00 PM
2) Pre-tech will be 4:00-5:00 PM (All karts must be pre-teched prior to being allowed 
on track.)
3) Hot laps will be 5:00 -5:30 PM
4) Pit Meeting 5:45 PM
5) Races will begin promptly at 6:00 PM

1) A pill draw will be used for the first heat line up. The second heat will be inverted start from the first heat. The participants of these heats will receive points based on where they finish in the heats. These points will determine the starting order of the feature race that day.  

2) Number of laps in heats will be 10 and features will be 20. Junior class features will be 15 laps. All races will be timed. The clock will start when the green flag has been displayed and will run continuously until the number of laps is completed or the time runs out. 15 minutes allowed for heats and 25 minutes for features.  

3) If the time expires under the yellow flag, the race will be restarted for a green/white/checkered finish. 

4) If the yellow flag is displayed after the leader takes the white flag, the karts will be relined up and checkered flag will be given under caution.

5) All karts will line up in the staging area. Only driver and one person will be allowed per kart in this area. This is to allow the line up procedure to run more smoothly and avoid congestion. Karts have 90 seconds to enter the track after the staging light turns green.

6) All karts must weigh immediately after exiting track after finishing each race. If the kart weighs light, the driver is allowed to roll off the scales, have the scales reset, and re-weigh one time. If the driver leaves the scaling area he/she forfeits the right to re-weigh.

7) If you are disqualified during post feature race inspections, you will lose all points, trophies, prizes for that day and you will not be allowed to race at the next scheduled race. The second time of disqualification the driver is banned for the year.

8) Points will go with the driver (not the kart) for the class they are registered in.

9) Each kart must have VERY VISIBLE numbers on sides and back of kart in order to be scored.


1) Full face helmets designed for competitive motorsports use are mandatory and must comply with one of the following:

Snell Foundation Specifications Legal Until
SA or M   2015                      12/2025
Snell SA/K or M 2010            12/2020
CMS 2007 (youth helmet)      12/2019 
CMR 2007 (youth helmet)      12/2019
CMS 2016 & CMR 2017        12/2026
Snell SA 2010                        12/2020

SFI Specifications Legal Until 
24.1/2010             12/2020
31.1/2010             12/2020
41.1/2010             12/2020
24.1/2013             12/2023
31.1/2013             12/2023
41.1/2013             12/2023

BSI A-type and A/FR types are legal for 10 years after date of manufacture. 

2) Unaltered approved collar type neck brace designed for motorsports.
3) Gloves
4) Driving suit, leather, heavyweight vinyl or abrasion resistant vinyl jacket and 
    long pants.
5) Socks and High Top shoes are required 
6) Rib protectors with SFI 20.1 certification will be mandatory for all Rookie & JR 1 


1) Driver must stop at cold pit line after leaving scales.
2) No bicycles, mopeds, minibikes, rollerskates, blades, boards, etc. allowed in the 
    pits at any time.
3) No alcoholic beverages in the pits until the entire race program has 
4) Each driver is responsible for their pit crew and keeping their pit area clean.


1) When entering the track, the track will be under “yellow”, this means enter slowly 
    and cautiously.
2) Scrubbing tires will be allowed under yellow and on the straight only.
3) Flagman will give all drivers a rolled up green flag to indicate he will be g
    going green the next time around and for everyone to stay in line.
4) No one is to approach any racing official on the track or in the score tower once 
    the initial green flag has been thrown. If a non driver enters the track during a 
    race that person will be escorted from the facility. If a driver has a question for 
    the officials, they must wait until after the checkered flag is thrown. Please     
    conduct yourselves in a proper manner.


1) The race will start when the field is leaving turn 4 at a reasonable speed, 
     everyone is lined up correctly and the flagman has waved the green flag.
2) The field must make a complete lap to be an official start. If this does not 
     happen, there will be a complete restart.
3) The field has 2 double file starts to complete a lap. After that, the field will be 
     lined up single file with the karts that caused the false start at the back.


1) Once there is an official start, if a yellow or red comes out, we will go to a single file restart.

2) Restarts will be done single file with a cone coming out of turn 3. The field will be lined up single file, and as they come out of turn 3 and pass the cone on the outside, as long as everyone is lined up correctly, flagman will give the green flag. Passing is not allowed until you pass the cone. If you hit the cone on the restart, you will be scored as last place.


1) If the yellow or red flag comes out because of an accident or spin out, the kart or karts causing the yellow flag to come out will go to the back of the field. In the Rookie, Jr. 1 and Jr. 2 classes, three spins will be allowed before being sent to the pits. In the Light/Heavy/Open and other classes, 2 spins will be allowed before being sent to the pits. If your kart dies or needs to be shut off during this process, you will be allowed to restart.

2) In the event of a red flag, the running participants should carefully drive to the front straight, stop in a single file and stay in their karts until otherwise directed. Any kart causing the red flag condition will not be allowed to restart.

3) On a red flag, if you go to the pits for any reason and then return before going green, you will go to the back of the field. If a red flag is thrown and you are stopped on the track, only one person will be allowed on the track to restart your kart or do VERY MINOR repairs.

4) If the red flag comes out because of a possibly serious accident, we will allow a family or crew member out to the accident only after the track personnel feel it is safe to do so. Everyone else needs to stay back so that the injured party can be assisted. Once the track is clear, the races will resume.


1) Immediately after the heat races, the karts should exit the race track and go straight to the scales to be weighed. Upon authorization from tech person, they will be directed back to their pits.

2) Immediately after the feature race, feature winner will take a victory lap with the checkered flag. Everyone must then exit track and be weighed. The top two karts in each class will be directed to the tech area. Our track has a list of numbered tech items. The head tech person will draw a random pill number to determine what item will be teched that night. The top two karts in each class will be teched. If any kart is found to be illegal, they will lose their points for that night and will not be allowed to race at the next scheduled race.

3) A motor may be protested by a class competitor for a fee of $100. The protest must be made to the race director or the head tech person by the end of the following race on the track or with in 15 minutes of the end that race. If the motor is found to be in violation of the rules the person who protested the motor will recieve $75 back. The other $25 will go to WMS. If the motor is found to be not in violation, the person belonging to the protested motor will recieve $75 dollars and the remaining $25 will go to WMS.  


1) Rookie class: There will be one person allowed in the infield to assist the rookie driver.

2) Any driver that scratches from a race needs to inform a track official as soon as possible.

3) If a driver ignores the black flag when displayed and does not go to the pits for consultation on the next lap after the first signal was given, no laps will be credited after the first signal was given.

We are a NKA sanctioned track for 2017 IKF rules apply for those not specifically addressed in the WaKeeney Mini-Speedway Track Rules. All karts and participants are subject to the rules.

In Regards to fighting at the track, drivers shall be disqualified for one race and no points will be given for that race. The driver shall also have to work a corner at the race that he/she is disqualified from before the driver can race again. Any and all drivers that were involved in the altercation shall be required to follow this rule. If there is a question in regards to who was or wasn't involved, the board of directors shall determine who was involved. If a driver is involved in a second fight, the driver will not be allowed to come back to the track for the rest of the racing season.

If an adult, 18 years or older, is involved in a fight, he/she shall be banned from the track for the next 2 scheduled races. If the adult is involved in a second altercation, he/she will be banned from the track for the rest of the racing season. Anyone who is banned from the track will not be allowed to stay on the outside of the fence, the person will be banned from the entire premises for the determined amount of time.

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